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short attention span theatre

notice how i spelled theatre with an re vs. an er. it's an arbitrary choice i make, usually based in nothing. today i decided that theatre seemed more fancy. as so it is. for more on this debate and/or if you are a huge nerd face like me, please click here.

soo.. where was i?

the long-ass 24 "event."

  1. no more two hour episodes. do one new 15 minute episode a day (tu-su), and a special double (30 minute) episode on monday. yeah? yeah? ehhhhhhh

  2. this whole ricker thing is a huge farce, isn't it? suck it!

  3. i'm not 100% sure i will care if graem's son dies. he's boring and whiny.

  4. shut up, son!

  5. jack's dad totally has a mullet, doesn't he?

  6. morris totally got drilled! get it? drilled? yeah, i know

  7. chad lowe's character all of a sudden got kind of interesting. and smarmy. rawr. the smarmiest

road rules

  1. if i wanted to see people puking, i'd re-read all the celeb gossip rags as they recap britney's wild weekend. please, no more pukey.

  2. dan. is... neat. real, real neat. and by neat i mean "has pretty eyes."

  3. abram who?

  4. tori's sweet, it's a shame her best bud already sent her packin'. i'm guessing veronica gets voted back in to face off with tori, tori wins and the RV crew rejoices. hurray! and dan and tori live happily ever after.

american idol

  1. didn't hollywood "week" used to last more than, like, 45 minutes?
  2. so far the only two people i'm excited about are jack osbourne and that one indian kid

is it just me or is everything kinda boring this week? aren't we supposed to be in february sweeps right now?? ENTERTAIN ME.

ps. i gave blood today, so be easy on me.

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