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who's your daddy!?

interestingly enough, both 24 & heroes had interesting daddy revelations embedded in their storylines last night. which daddy revelation was more surprising? i'd have to say they were equally intriguing, but i wasn't blindsided by either. let's start with heroes, shall we?

**spoiler if you haven't seen last night's episode**

i had definitely already guessed that nathan was claire's daddy. i read way too much speculative articles in the past week and pieced together what everyone and their dad already seemed to know. i mean, let'see: cheater? check! digs blonde chicks that aren't his wife? check. done and DONE.

what i didn't think about until later was the fact that nathan = claire's dad, peter = nathan's brother, therefore peter = claire's uncle. WHOA. now that was a random revelation that i did NOT see coming. is it just me, or did it seem that there was a little romantic spark between them earlier on? well, if there was, um, ew. but now when i think back on it, that "spark" was actually something way more powerful - a family bond. i know, intense, right? and then when peter used his regenerative powers [after taking a 30-story back slide] based on a "feeling" he had about claire, it all suddenly made tons of sense.

speaking of peter falling off of buildings, Q: how much do i love claude? A: SO much. i love his liverpoolish accent, his sassy way of effing with people and his just plain devil-may-care attitude. i did think it was pretty lame that he, in some ways, misled peter about simone. she wasn't exactly doing anything wrong on the roof with mr. clean & sober. but the whole mentor / mentee relationship that they have is pretty awesome. all the peter stuff is super intriguing, and now it's all starting to make some sense. it's going to be interesting to see how this story develops, and how much of peter's ass claude is going to have to kick in order to "show him the way." loves it.

kinda bored by the whole niki / jessica storyline. i'm hoping she dies soon. i know, mean, right? but so is uh, ripping people's limbs off and tazering them to death. uh. as far as "bad guys" go sylar is the man, and let's see more of his creepy ass. well, not his ass, per se, but you know what im sayin.

overall, awesome episode.

i'll save 24 for later. i have to work, people.


liana said...

Just so you know, I also had speculated that Nathan was the dad - and realized in the shower this morning that Peter and Claire can not be lovers! That was sad to me, I thought they would be cute together. Also, how old is Nathan? Jeez. And your telling me that know one found out he had a baby - you know politics, they will dig up everything about your past. Also, if Nathan is the father, then that means he has known about his powers. I don't know why I say that, I just say that. I feel like he has been hinding them all this time

Liana said...

...also, what was the point of introducing Hero's dad? Why are they stalling his mission!?!? Boring....

I'm also sick of Nicky/Jessica and sad she killed her psychiatrist. I'm worried that she is going to kill the "mind reader guy" - can't remember his name - but in scenes from next episode I think they show her throwing him off a balcony!!!

rockinraquel said...

i thought it might be nathan, too! and i didn't even read any articles...maybe nathan and claire's mom had a lovely prom nite together (or some random high school date)

MNBird said...

I thought it would be Nathan. I am not sure why I thought that, but I did. Here is what I think about things as they are right now. I should tell you, I try not to read spoilers on this show before the show happens. I don't read all the articles before a show, but I do enjoy reading the Watch With Kirstin recap on every Tuesday.

I think Nathan is in his mid to late 30s and probably he and Firestarter had Claire in their late teens. That is my guess. Peter is supposed to be 26 or 27. I would have guessed him to be a little older, but I think Nathan is about 10 years older than Peter, but I might be wrong... that is just my guess.

Oh and Claire is only 17, so for those who wanted Peter to hook up with jailbait Claire... shame on you!

Ok, my thoughts on Heroes:

* Nathan and Peter's father had some sort of power and it was all covered up by the depression and suicide. Maybe the father didn't kill himself, but died on accident and it was made to look like a suicide.

* Nathan has been hiding his power for a lot longer than we think. I think when he thought his daughter was killed in that fire, he realized someone (Mr. Bennett) was after him and his "girlfriend" (firestarter) and decided to hide what he could do and all that. I think that is why he works so hard not to let people, including his brother know about it... or tried to hide it so much. Denile.

* Firestarter probably started the fire on accident, thought she killed her baby and let everyone think she was dead to get away from those people doing experiments or whatever they are doing.

* Niki could just be gone/killed off for all I care along with the cop Matt.

* Peter will be like Sylar, in the way he can use any power he comes into contact with, and eventually will be able to control it, where Sylar has to kill to take the power. Maybe there will be a big match up between them in the end.

* I also think that Hiro's father has a power of some kind and that he is working with Linderman or atleast linked to Linderman somehow.

Ok, I have to go to work... I just wanted to repsond and let you know what I think.