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this is important! (not really)

something really important to know about me: i'm lazy about lunch. and as much as i'm actually really NOT lazy in a lot of really important ways, i've never really been a "go out" to lunch person. in my fantasies, lunch automatically appears every day (just the way i want it and with the correct amount of calories) and i just eat it without thinking and just keep doing whatever i'm doing. sometimes "what i'm doing" is combing the internets looking for interesting things to write about, but a lot of times "what i'm doing" is actually, uh, working. i know! can you believe i actually work? it's true, i do. but i am really fast and speedy at it (because i'm awesome) so therefore i take approximately 1,000,000 mini-breaks throughout the day to groom my blargh, myspace, opendiary, whathaveyou. you could almost say i have TWO jobs based on the amount of time & energy i put into my cyber spaces. but i only get paid in the form of like, comments and such, and i'm not sure how to take divedends out of my comments to pay the IRS. so i guess it's not a really job but more of a full-time all-consuming, uh, "hobby."

so i was saying! lunch. um... i can't remember now. leave me alone! i have to work.

stay tuned for: excitement! it's what's for dinner.

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