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vodka adventures.

even though liana sent me a text at like, 3pm on friday indicating that she had missed her train from san diego to l.a. and that she wouldn’t be home until 10p i did not waver. it was going to be a ruby & liana night out and that was just that. even if 10p sometimes actually means 11p when we’re talking about liana, i still had Faith.

and, actually, just after 10:15p i found myself standing outside in the FREEZING COLD BLOWING WIND on santa monica blvd. outside of the bar lubitsch, which i didn’t realize until later is a RUSSIAN VODKA BAR with beautiful clienteles that like to order drinks like the MOLOTOV COCKTAIL that the skinny blonde red-clad bartender ladies set ON FIRE for you. anyway, i was standing outside with liana, joe and lorenzo and i was drinking my diet red bull to set the tone for the evening but my fingers were cold and shivering and i could barely speak to anyone because my teeth were chattering so hard i honestly thought my teeth were going to break and then we all commented on how this line outside the bar better be for good reason because if we got in there and it wasn’t COMPLETELY FULL i was going to hurt somebody with my cold, rigid digits. i really was. and of course we couldn’t leave or anything because i had paid a full $6 to some valet guy and damnit, i was going to get my $6 worth.

soon! it was our turn to grace the bar with our presence and we entered and indeed, it was ass-packed full and so we had to meander the bar for a full ten minutes until we found a small opening where we set up shop and started ordering the vodka drinks like our lives and body temperatures DEPENDED on it. which they did. so it was VODKA RED BULL ME and joe and lorenzo ventured off into weird drink land where they ordered things off the SPECIALTY DRINK MENU and liana and i sometimes drank VRBs and sometimes we just drank the RB straight, up, no vodka please. which is weird, you know, in a vodka bar and all. but it was aite. and even though maybe perhaps we started out the night a little tired, soon it was all a distant memory and then before you knew it we were having a good old time in the east bloc.

at some point the bartender lady told me to “feel the knot” in her back and maybe i could rub it later? and i think that was just about the same time that i said, get me to a dirty pub, pronto and then it was ST. NICKS and then i had a giant vodka soda sitting in front of me and then everything was right in the world again. my favorite part was that while liana and lorenzo took a different car to the pub and i dropped joe off, liana was gracious enough to order my drink for me since we were just barely going to make last call at the NICKEL and told jeff the bartender “i need a vokda soda for ruby, she’s on her way” and he said WHAT? VODKA SODA? NO! RUBY DRINKS WINE. you just have to love that. you just do. and then the night ended with liana giving me her copy of lily allen to burn as she dropped me off around the corner from the nickel and if that isn’t the cherry on top of an excellent night, i guess i just don’t know what is.

ps. liana noticed that i haven't been blarghing as much as i used to so this here post is dedicated to her. yayyyyy liana!

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Liana said...

hey! I left a comment and its not here!

I basically said that i like to be blarghed about! Also wanted to see how you liked Lilly Allen.

Lastly, papparatzi shots coming to a place near you soon...