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where'd ya hair go?

so i was at the gym at the RIDICULOUS hour of 7am this morning, and guess who was all over cnn? my favorite favorite favorite awesome person in the whole universe. i try to specifically avoid adding any of my energy to giving her any attention, but this is pretty fantastic.
here's a little synop of the hottest story (!?!?) of the morning from popsugar:

"We went to bed last night hearing that Britney Spears has shaved her head. We hoped it was not true. Now we clearly can see not only has she shaved her hair (herself I might ad), but she had gotten additional tattoos. OK we get it. She doesn't want to be the cute pop tart star we all fell in love with but can someone please help the girl already. Seriously, this is rock bottom. She was out of it and all the information available still sounds shady. Checked in and out of rehab in a day; flying coach alone from Miami to LAX - seriously, the girl never flies coach and now this shaving of the head. We hear your cries Britney. Loud and clear. Now if only you would let someone help you.."
ohh honey. seriously. wow.
more on this: x17online, perez hilton

and now i'm going to take a nap. and then ill wake up, shave my head and get a few tattoos. you know, because that's all very normal weekend activity for awesome people like me and brit.

2 comments: said...

Shaving her head and flashing her 'girlie bits' to the masses is a definite sign she's on the path to nervous breakdownville, that's fo sho!

I'm no fan of Britney, but someone needs to help her, NOW! Just don't help her so good that she's well enough to make records or tries acting again.

Anonymous said...

Her train's a about to jump the tracks.