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**survivor recap**

thoughts while watching, in chronological order

  • aw, sweet little michelle finally gets the fire started for ravu. thank god.
  • sylvia displays one of the most retarded efforts in a challenge ever..(.by swimming in place!! for entirely way too long!!)
  • moto pulls a smart move and sends her lame ass to exile to get the next hidden idol clue.
  • moto is getting kind of obnoxious. it’s too easy for them.
  • “it’s not survival, it’s thrival.”
  • oh, suck it.
  • ohhh noooo papa smurf! soo sad!!! my minnesota homeboy.
  • ok looks like he's going to be ok AND is participating in the food challenge
  • yum
  • is it bad that i thought most of the food in the eating challenge looked tasty?
  • hee
  • mookie is a taunter face, and boo is a wussanthemum. i don't what that means. but it rhymes with chrysanthemum
  • boo vs. rocky? i vote rocky. boo would just injure himself before rocky could do anything to him
  • is ravu “hungry” enough??
  • pig snout. ew.
  • did jeff just say papa smurf is “hammering that snout down?”
  • dude!! papa smurf is the smurfiest!
  • ravu loses. AGAIN.
  • blahblahblah predictable voting strategy blahblahblah
  • no immunity idol to play? surprise, surprise (not really)
  • random earl vote
  • s’long sylvia. and goooood riddance.

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rockinraquel said...

hehe "wussanthemum" that's awesome...i didn't watch this episode but i feel like i was there by reading your summary...i need to start watching again 'cause i like the papa smurf :)