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sea snakes in yo face!!


well, first of all, there’s this unfortunate piece of new i uncovered today (thanks to eddie)

survivor fiji: only one cast member applied while the rest was recruited




anyway! moving on. *really, i am*

my initial reaction to the new season of survivor? man, it would have been cool to be on this island. I know it’s not typical for survivor to provide such a sweet set-up, but seriously how COOL is the shelter on “awesome” aka moto island? (super)

i wonder if the winning team will always get to be on awesome island, or if moto is always going to be there.... hmm. *ponders*

so, the early spotlight was on rocky (the token bartender/bostonian), dreamz (obnoxious former homeless man) and yau man (old brillian asian dude) . the sorta kinda typical survivor archetypes. i'm definitely enjoying rocky & yau man so far, but dreamz... yeah, not so much.

exile island is creepy and crawly and most definitely not going to be a fun place to spend anytime. and what's up with the idol being hidden in camp? and which camp? whhhhaaaaat?

not surprised to see jessica go right away, but as aaron put it "cute girl gone first? there go the ratings."

overall, i'm giving this episode a solid A-. i woulda given it an A but i'm still irritated that ONLY ONE PERSON ACTUALLY APPLIED AND THE REST WERE RECRUITED. there goes my survivor fantasy.


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s.knight said...

atleast they are using people from california, you have that going for you...and there are 2 ad execs on the you're still in it!


rocky = casey affleck from good will hunting