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bring it to the yard, boys

**top 10 AI male finalists - performance recap**

the bad, boring or otherwise not memorable: phil stacey s(t)ings his way to a snoozer, brandon rogers laupers a song from the heart and ends up kind of looking kind of dumb and then a little dumber and sanjaya looks like a little kid in his dad's clothes (randy's comment, not mine). i think sanjaya and phil are in the most trouble.

the not horrible, but ehhh: i think AJ had nice tone, but i'm not feeling it, dawg. and jared cotter was aite, you know, but i think he needs to bring it up a notch (love boat, hee!) and i was pleasantly surprised by nick pedro, but pedro on a good day is still just kind of ehhhh. not bad though... i think all three are safe. (points to nick for throwing the "vote for pedro" in there during the call-in portion, niceee)

the good: chris sligh was sweet and contemporary (points for bringing the ray lamontange action) but, weirdly and unfortunately, did not make his wife cry (but my eyes were wellin, so there you go, chris) and SUNDANCE head, of all people, was actually quite entertaining. SUNDANCE HEAD. that name seriously kills me. (ps. am i mean if i say his baby is kinda funny-looking? ok i won't say it)

the FABULOUS: i said it last week and i'll say it again: blake lewis & chris richardson are the mans. love these guys. they are totally fresh, original and ADORABLE. better yet? now i'm actually EXCITED about some of the contestants. f yeah!

the guys did much better than last week, overall. thank gawd.

next up: the LADIES. and! also! what are they going to do about antonella's SCANDAL!? stay tuned...

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