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ehhh grammys.

just my 2 cents on last night's grammy awards show:
{ps. i only watched shakira, justin & xtina's performances, so.. i guess you could say i watched it, but i uh, didn't so much}



  • such an awesome peformer, i'm not ashamed of my JT-love
  • however! don't ever do that head-camera thing ever again.
  • that was some cheesy sh*t, son!
  • justin's first performance
  • i'm totes obsessed with the latest video (i.e it's fun to speculate about his fling with ScarJo)
  • speaking of...scarjo revealed that she's working on a little album of her own last night
  • hmm
  • i have to believe it's going to be better than anything britney, lindsay and paris can do, so i say go for it
  • the second performance with the winner of that contest thing was AWESOME
  • justin's second performance
  • ok fine i'm done with JT now

that's all i got.

oh yeah - congrats dixie chicks and blahblahblah, something something, stuff and things.

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m.sizzle said...

ESPN's The Sports Guy's running diary of the Grammys...funny stuff as usual