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lost is back... and inevitably i crave peanut butter

first off, don't worry if you missed the SECOND HALF PREMIERE EVENT episode or whatever. i'm not going to spoil anything. i just want to address the inevitable disappointment that people might be feeling based on high expectations of the long-awaited return.

ok, so when lost season one came out everything was SUPER brilliant and new and unexpected and amazing. much like heroes is RIGHT NOW. it's very similar.

but let's just review -- lost is in it's third season (i distinctly remember wondering how they could keep coming up with stuff after a year... ) and heroes is still essentially in its infancy. i'm not saying we should look to be disappointed with heroes anytime soon, but i think at some point there will be a drop in in awesomeness just because maintaining the momentum of shows like this just seems to really really really really really hard.

i'm justsayin.

granted, 24 has done a pretty amazing job of keeping everyone on edge season after season, episode after episode... so it can be done.

but it's rare.

having said all that: i was not disappointed with tonight's new plot developments or new questions. i think, if anything, it gives us more questions and avenues to explore to keep the island vibe alive. granted, we were misled into thinking there would be more answers tonight... but i have to say that if they answered everything, i would lose interest faster than boiling water is losing its heat in the midwest these days... and here's a picture my sister took of boiling water turning into snow for dramatic effect:

*loses train of thought while looking at shiny thing*


rockinraquel said...

by the way, this only works if the temp is below (or around) zero...kinda makes ya wish you were here? nah

MNBird said...

They did answer something. They answered that not all "Others" were born on the islands and that they go out to recruit peeps by tricking them into coming to work for them. Or that is what they implied anyway.