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upward drunkability.

so maybe i forgot to mention that when i went out sunday night and partied at the four seasons, i was with one of my high-level co-workers from NY. turns out? she's pretty awesome, which was evidenced by the fact that she let aaron & i crash her pad in central park when we were in town for the marathon a few weeks ago.

anyway, to repay her kindness and generosity, we thought we'd treat her to the $15 prix fixe menu at one of our favorite restaurants (we are soooo classy). only, she opted NOT to do the prix fixe and instead ordered off the *gasp* regular menu. she can't help it that she's fancy. but she DID indulge in the $10 bottle(sssss) of wine with us. or were they water? because good! god! damn! those bottles went down like chilled agua.

anyway, over the course of the evening as i got progressively more awesome and sophisticated, i confessed that i really really really, like, wanted to get more involved with some of the higher level work stuff. because obviously, if i can drink $10 bottles of wine like a fish, god knows what i can do whilst wielding more responsibility with our client's BILLION DOLLAR BUDGETS. right?

so she chuckled and back-burnered the information. and off we went to party at the four seasons.

cut to the part where my friend gently harrassed david spade.

cut to the part where i harrassed the guy who played the stalker on blades of glory.

cut to the part where we all kind of SUBTLY noticed kid rock at the end of the bar.

cut to the end of the night where i was asked to "not take a nap" on the couch in the bar area.

and then cut to today when i had a nice email in my inbox from her with the subject "per our drunken conversation...." to which i GASPED. oh shit. what did i say ...

it was only when i opened and read the email that i realized this was a GOOD thing and that she had just planted the seed for me taking on more responsibility starting, oh.. right about now.

so yay!

moral of the story? don't ever confuse a guy that has a beard for david grohl just because he has a beard. chances are? it's not him. and if it is? he probably totally likes people who fall asleep on couches at the four seasons bar... so hey, on second thought, knock yourself out.


MD said...

AWESOME abound! You must be that 1:1000 chance that a drunken conversation with your boss will go well. Very niiiice.

longshanks said...

man you sure do have the best random celeb stories...