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hidden immunity.

so i'm finally all caught up on survivor. and !&*#^!&*(#^@&*(!!

the more i watch, the more bummed i am that i'm not on the show.

it's so riveting these past few weeks. totally probably because we are a little bit crushing on james, which means that we are totally invested in seeing him be successful. but what worries me is that we are totally invested in james.

which means, uh-oh.

because, well, my track record for seeing people i like make it all the way is ...pretty much 1 for 1000.

odds? not so good.

oh, james.

in other news, amazing race just started up this past week. it's like double dose of awesome.

i'm tempted to brush off the old video camera and make some more audition videos for both shows.

maybe? 2nd time is a charm.

1 comment: said...

I'm caught up on Survivor too. My sister and I made our younger sister who doesn't watch Survivor, and never has, watch it over Thanksgiving weekend and she enjoyed it. We all love James too!

The last picture you have posted with James on the dragon during the challenge had to be the funniest thing ever! The sounds coming out of James' mouth were HILARIOUS!!!!!!!