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i'm not going to lie. i've been a giant piglet since the day i arrived in nyc. i ean, i was carb-loading and eating way more than a petite girl should BEFORE the marathon, but i think last night's all-you-can-eat chicken wing excursion at blondies might have been one of the most gluttonous (YET DELICIOUS) displays of pigginess yet.

but, um, so good. all you can eat! for $11.95. amazing.

also good? lots of wine & vodka sodas.

the only part that wasn't so good? hot sauce combined with wind-burnt lips. yeouch.

anyway, in case you were wondering, i feel fabulous today, i.e., my legs work again.

who knows? i just may be back on the treadmill this weekend.

or maybe i will just be lying on my belly getting massaged all weekend. either or.

last but not least, i made it into the NY Times marathon section yesterday. so cool.


Still Born said...

I'm getting a massage on Saturday so I think that means you should too.

The Angry Georgian said...

I like the massage option better. I heard on the news that some 25 year old guy dropped dead running that marathon. Katie Holmes also ran it.