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the city will be mine! MWAHAHAHAHHAHA.

so the bad thing about not going home to MN for the holidays is well, i don't get to see my lovely family (and rapidly growing nieces! 4 of them!). however, my parents are coming to visit in a few weeks anyway, and i get to paint the town red with them. (they are crazy, beleeev dat)

the good news is:
  • LA becomes more quiet and more manageable during the holidays because, like, EVERYONE leaves
  • i love lack of traffic
  • i have a beautiful set of in-laws in LA that can cook the living daylights out of a turkey
  • they live stumbing distance away
  • so if there was traffic, i could walk home if i wanted to
  • i get to clean my closet (SO EXCITED!)
  • i don't have to suffer through a northwest flight
  • no plane-induced dehydration
  • plenty of wine-induced dehydration
  • i have absolutely NO agenda for the next four days except this: eat, drink, run my ass off, REPEAT

happy thanksgiving eve, my lovelies!

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Happy Thanksgiving, Ms. Rubiquity!

I'm taking a break from cooking for the throngs of relatives in my brand spanking new kitchen that was just finished last week. (Yes, I'm bragging.;) )

Thanks for giving me something to read today. :)