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shake that thing.

instead of the usual treadmill run wherein i race myself and/or whomever is lucky enough to be on the treadmill next to me, i opted for a double dose of exercise classes at swerve this morning.

the first was an hour-long sculpting class which was designed to, um, kick my butt. the second was a world beat workout designed to showcase my awesome raw talent when it comes to "rhythm" and "dancing." in fact, my dance moves have been compared to elaine from seinfeld, shakira and, uh, your momma.

(maybe i am the only one who has compared my dance moves to shakira's, but let's be honest, these hips don't lie.)

anyway, i don't really have a point other than to say, hey, it feels good to workout for two hours before facing a day of stuffing myself silly.


gobble, gobble, gobble......


MD said...

Don't you mean Elaine?

c-kat said...

Nothing like burning the calories before they've even been ingested. LOL.

ruby said...

elaine, eileen, whatevs. hahaha.