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i love la.

don't get me wrong, i do loves me some new york. but i have to say, there are probably a lot of places i would rather be hanging out after running a marathon. one of those places? MY CAR. oh my sweet car. how i missed it so. i actually didn't mind sitting in my regular commute traffic this morning because, guess what? i wasn't walking down the street in 4" heels in the windy cold. i was sitting in my car in 4" heels in the not-so-very cold. also? i had my KROQ pumping and my sugar-free red bull fizzing. i was not at the mercy of public transportation purveyors nor was i crowded into a train with people who smell weird.

but again, normally, i can't get enough NY.

i just need to go back when i'm my normal, walk/run-loving self.

ya heard?


MD said...

What's your commute like?

I commute 50 miles to work...but it's 95% highway, so it's pretty smooth. A little trafficy towards the end, but overall, not terribly terrible.

Pretty Lush said...

Vegas cabs make me appreciate my car so much.

ruby said...

my commute can't be more than 5 miles, but it takes about 20-30 minutes each way. i know, could be worse.