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birth control.

i went to a baby shower today. and, i confirm i am about 110% not ready to have a baby anytime soon.

i mean, someone gave the mom-to-be BUTT PASTE.

THE HELL? i don't even WANT to know.

so that was good.

although, i am VERY happy for everyone with babies. they are all really awesome and yes i want to see 1,000,000 pictures of them. no really, i do.

who was it that said, dreams are like pictures, you only really want to see/hear about them if you're in them. i don't know either, but whoever said it is pretty awesome.

in other news: guess who ran 6 miles today? and guess who's looking for a half marathon to run? OH SHIT. the b*tch is back.

(running a marathon is like having a baby. eventually, the pain memories subside and you think HEY I KNOW WHY DON'T I DO THAT AGAIN. or so i'm told)


comicstripper said...

sounds like you're ready to have a baby to me

The Angry Georgian said...

Butt Paste...I'm officially intrigued.

hotpants1019 said...

butt paste is for diaper rash.