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f*cking ow.

ok, so. my unofficial official time according to is 4 hours and 39 minutes. i happy about this time for a couple reasons.

1. it was under 5 hours
2. i kicked katie holmes' butt (she finished in 5 hours and 29 minutes)

the race itself was a huge test of fortitude for me. my worst nightmare came true when my IT band syndrome pain kicked in just before the halfway point. i had a decision to make at the point: walk the rest of the way or push through the pain and finish with pride.

guess which i picked?

so, at that point i was on pace to finish in 4:26, which i guess isn't too far off from what i actually finished at, but i went from averaging 9:45 per mile to over 10:30 per mile in the 2nd half. all things considered, i'm actually pretty proud of myself for pushing through the pain for more than half of the race. normally when my knee starts hurting like it did, i just stop. oh, and for additional fun, my right knee which NEVER gives me problems started hurting as well. it was sheer insanity that allowed me to run in that much pain.

but also? it was aaron's super strength that pushed me through. he was 100% positive the whole time, even when i was yelling F*CK!!!! at the top of my lungs. he was a rock of awesomeness and there really isn't any way i would have finished the way i did without him. we crossed the finish line holding hands in the air, and it was one of the BEST feelings i've ever had.

also? the spectators ROCKED my face off. it was so inspiring and awe-inducing to see the turnout. the city and the day was beautiful.

but today? i'm staying "home" from work, working from my hotel room because my legs? aren't working right now.


c-kat said...


MD said...

Good job, I hate katie holmes.

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Jim said...

Congrats on beating Katie! Hope Tom doesn't come looking for you... said...

Congratulations to you and your awesome husband for finishing the marathon!!!! Congrats for beating Katie Holmes time!!!!! IN YO MUTHA EFFIN FACE TOM CRUISE! MS. RUBIQUITY RULES!

T said...

So proud of you and love you long time...can't wait till you are back in the office!!!!

wearingthepants said...

Nice time and way to push through!! I heard Katie Holmes was wearing headphones!!! WTF?

Deidre said...

Delurking to say congratulations. That sounds amazing. And you are fast!