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reading between the lines.

co-worker to me: hey, you look really nice today. is there any special occassion?
me: um, i just got my dry cleaning back? that's always an exciting occassion.

makes me wonder what i normally look like since i thought i just looked normal today.

i had dinner and some drinks with a high school friend from MN last night. she's stopping off in LA as part of a larger work trip that has, so far, included: hong kong, london and paris.


why isn't that MY life?

anyway, it was so awesome to see her, even if it was just for a few hours. it's always somehow a relief to see the people you went to grade school with flourishing as jet-setting adults. it's like, hey, we came from a small suburb of minneapolis, but we're doing our god damn best to see the WORLD.

as opposed to those who have decided to settle into said hometown with houses, babies, cabinet fixtures and actual "yards" with "grass."

i'm happy for those friends, too, but it's just way harder for me to relate to a lifestyle that revolves around a mini-human. and house payments. and mortgages.

i used to think i would need to have a baby to fulfill my womanly destiny on this earth. the older i get, the more i think my destiny on this earth is actually just to be the best damn aunt in the world. the one that all the nieces (and future nephews?) look up to and want to go visit. it's all of the fun without any of the actual responsibility. and auntie ruby has a really, really nice ring to it.

so my point is this: my destiny? TO TRAVEL THE EARTH. not my destiny? TO POPULATE IT.

[disclaimer: opinions about babies always subject to change at any given moment should i suddenly discover one is in my belly. but for the moment, all intentions are to prevent humans living inside me. plus, where would i put all the wine if there was a baby in there?? i mean, let's be real, here.]



Anonymous said...

I'm starting to wonder the same thing. said...

You speak the truth, Ms. Rubiquity. I feel there are people who are meant to be parents and some who are not. I definitely am not a person who wants or needs kids in my life. I've known that since I was a kid.