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pressure to cyber.

ok. i didn't go shopping on black friday. i KNOW i probably missed out on deals of A LIFETIME and that i am a bad wife/sister/daughter/dog mom/in-law etc. because i could have found FABULOUS items for all of the 1,000,983 people i've decided to buy gifts for this year at a BARGAIN BASEMENT rate.



so now i've been reading about all these CYBER MONDAY deals and i am feeling like i have to buy something just to feel like a contributing member of society.

but it's ok if i don't, right? RIGHT?

yeah, because i haven't transitioned into holiday merriment mode yet.

usually? it kicks in right around 12/24.

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Stephanie said...

Oh I am SO not into the Christmas mode yet either. I bought Christmas presents this weekend because I felt like I HAD to, but I'm totally not into it. Maybe I, too, should take advantage of some deals tonight online. Aggh the pressure.