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i had such a lovely 4-day weekend, i can barely believe i have to actually get up and be a functioning human being tomorrow. ah well. c 'est la vie or whathaveyou.

today was a particularly satisfying day for a few reasons.

  1. i ate my weight in thai food
  2. i ran 9.5 miles
  3. i "raced" "dexter" on the treadmill (*unbeknownst to him and also? he won)
  4. my vikqueens SPANKED the giants
  6. i indulged in pinkberry
  7. did i mention my queens won? like, embarrassed poor eli manning
  8. also? my patriots won. well, my randy moss did, anyway.

i think that's about it.

and, back to the grind.

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Stephanie said...

Oh, those Patriots! I'm pretty sure my blood pressure was abnormally high last night, but thank god they pulled it off!