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scraping the barrel.

i think people are either leftover food fans or they're not. there doesn't seem to be any in between. i always cry a little inside when people don't bring home their uneaten food from restaurants or when we finish a big meal at someone else's house and the uneaten food goes in the garbage. i cry.

i'm a huge fan of leftovers. it may or may not be as delicious the second time around, but it definitely reminds you of the first time around, which i always think is pretty awesome.

obviously, thanksgiving is one of the biggest and BEST leftover situations ever. i actually look forward to finishing the meal so i can rest and then go back for round two late late late in the evening, or, even better, for brunch the next day.

i don't want to brag (i totally do), but we do thanksgiving like we walked out of a fancy magazine. everything is done beautifully, and the presentation is amazing. i can't take all (or any) credit for this, as it's my in-laws who are the culinary geniuses. but i can damn sure enjoy the fruits of their labours.

anyway, i just finished the best day-after meal i think i've ever had. it rivaled yesterday's dinner because i didn't actually have to wait for it. i just plopped myself down at my brother-in-law's table and dug in like i just got back from an weekend on survivor island.

and now i'm just counting down until i can dig into the "care package" they sent home with me.

oink *burp* oink, baby.

ps. 90 minutes of cardio allows me to do this with ZERO guilt today. thank god for the treadmill.


Stephanie said...

I had two full Thanksgiving dinners two days in a row (thanks, divorced parents) and won't have access to a treadmill for THREE MORE DAYS. Does walking around Target count as exercise?

The Angry Georgian said...

I'm a fan! I've got enough turkey to last me several months.

MD said...

LOVE leftovers! I know people that NEVER take home their leftovers or throw their excess food right away. At a thanksgiving once, the host actually cut off all the dark meat and tossed it in the trash b/c she didn't like it. I cried for days.

doro said...

2 hours of cardio on Tuesday, 90 minutes on Wednesday, Turkey Trot (5k fun run) on Thanksgiving morning... you better believe I ate for 6 straight hours... and it was GOOD.