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nothing is funnier than a good poop toy.

ok so, i might have regressed to the mental state of a 3rd grader, but this article about crazy, weird toys from around the world had me laughing so hard i almost simultaneously peed and hurt myself (in reality, i did neither of those things, but still, UM HILARIOUS)

it features such toys as this plush pee & poo set:

i know! why didn't they have this toy when i was young? i could have been the envy of my friends.

but please, run along and read for yourself. you'll probably be a better person if you do.


MD said...

It's amazing that P & P weren't #1 on the list! At least now I know what I'll be giving my friends for xmas!

Maddy said...

Oh man! I might buy these for someone for Christmas! Don't tell, Boyfriend.