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party like a ?

the thing is, when someone comes to town that you used to party with in college, you tend to regress back to your college selves.

only, without the resiliency to bounce back.

basically, i'm hurting today after a long, hard weekend of pure hollywood-inspired debauchery.

it included, but was not limited to:

indian food, thai food, wine bars, live music, kid rock, david spade, the four seasons, sunday supper at dominicks, yoga, more yoga, running, hiking, beaching, hollywood adventures, shopping and etc.

to summarize: good effing times. and also? I AM SPENT.

good night!


hotpants said...

did you say kick rock? i need more details, please.

brookem said...

ha, i tell myself this every time when i have one of THOSE mornings. that hello?, im no longer 21! oh well, usually it's worth it, right?