stuff about where I live and play, and maybe some stuff about where I work and play.


i've been trained in harrassment.

traveling to NY didn't get me out of manager harrassment training. oh, no, it didn't.

i've been on a webex presentation (INTERACTIVE! WITH CHAT FEATURES!) with my LA counterparts for more than an hour going through the do's and don'ts of harrassment.

essentially: harrassment is a don't. GOOD TO KNOW.

it shouldn't have taken this much of my precious time to figure that out, but hey. there are some really retarded people with management jobs in this world.

oh shit, i just made a discriminatory comment. i'm fired.


T said...

Maybe you can come up to my office 20 minutes early and evaluate MY performance..

Hello, is this HR? Id like to report something that just happened to me,


Anonymous said...

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