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it just so happens.

on this occassion she's actually ready to leave work, and the cloak of darkness that envelops her office view isn't making things any easier.

but still, to leave before 6p always seems so naughty. so she waits, adds a few touches to existing projects. enough to be doing work, but with just the minimal amount of effort. besides, an urgent request might come in at any moment (it always seems to happen after 6p. just the way it is.)

yesterday, she worked a full 12-hour day from 8a to 8p without so much as a lunch break. because you have those kinds of days. and you work really hard sometimes to get lots and lots and lots done just so you can face the next day with a list that clocks in under 80 million things To Do.

at the end of her long day, she met a friend out for drinks and a light dinner. and she didn't roll in until after midnight. she kissed her husband and dog on their respective heads, and realized it had been 17 hours since she left the house. but, still, she must watch The Hills before crashing into sleepville.

the next day, a co-worker sheepishly peeks his head in and asks, "so are you just like crazy busy, like all the time these days?" and she nods her head yes. i mean, there's no shortage of work to do, even if there are ebbs and flows, it still just keeps on keeps on coming.

but you can't just work for work's sake, she knows this all too well. you must have some Priorities. such as?


plain & simple.

her husband calls. he says they have tickets for iron & wine tonight, should they want them. another co-worker saunters in and invites her to watch the cowboys/packers game tomorrow night with the gang. her husband calls again with an invitation to see friends do stand-up comedy on friday. she quickly realizes that if she accepts these three invitations then she will be booked solid until next wednesday night, as she remembers her plans in place for saturday (tree decorating party), sunday (wedding in the OC), monday (red carpet movie premiere) and tuesday (company holiday party).

she thinks she does not have quite that much stamina and she, quite frankly, needs to visit her old friend The Treadmill tonight.

so she declines the invite to this evening's concert, although her soul weeps a little because of it. but she's ok with being booked solid from thursday to tuesday, just not from tuesday to tuesday.

but she thinks, life is good.

plus, it's pushing daisies//private practice night.

god love ya, hump day.

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