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dark and dank.

so we dug our way through the throngs of WGA picketers at the Fox lot today and made our way to houston's at the century city mall. only, it was an hour wait. FOR LUNCH.

so the, um, seven of us headed upstairs to PINK TACO instead and dined in the dark, dank atmosphere. indeed, it was a pleasant experience enhanced by margaritas and chardonnay.

and yeah, i said DANK. WHAT?

(ps. it really wasn't dank. i just like to pretend it was because it gives a better :feel: to the story.)

DANK! fun word.


as we exited, i stipulated: "it's always weird when i leave a dark, pink taco and enter into the light of day."

i know! i should know better now that i've been trained in harrassment. ah well.

interestingly enough, i had a note when i returned from a blog reader whom i've never met that saw me at the PINK TACO. AND DIDN'T SAY HI! whatever, shy guy.


The Angry Georgian said...

Next time I'm in a Pink Taco I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you.

MD said...

Aren't you a little creeped out by the pink taco admirer?