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i'm eating myself silly. last night marks the first occassion in recent memory that i've ordered pasta for dinner.

and man, was it good. we ate at giorgione and i had OCTOPUS to start, and theni had the risotto with scallops, mushrooms and asparagus. i finished it off with PUMPKIN gelato. my friends, it was so much yum i could barely handle it.

normally, im all about protein and salad and super mostly boring. but not here, and not now.

if you're going to carb load, might i suggest NEW YORK for the occassion? yumster.

ps. i feel like a beluga whale with all this "stored energy." and now? i'm off to little italy to meet a bunch of friends and get even fatter.



The Angry Georgian said...

But 'tis okay. You're going to burn it all off anyway.

wearingthepants said...

Mmm...pasta sounds good right. Good luck!