stuff about where I live and play, and maybe some stuff about where I work and play.


is it just me or... myspace suddenly like, not cool AT ALL? the idea of going to see enchanted super exciting?

...does my house smell like pumpkin pie? it totally weird that my baby dog turns 49 today?

...are you nervous that the writers' strike is going to last way too long?

...has 2007 gone by crazy fast? this a copout for entry #24?


The Angry Georgian said...

Oh yeah, total copout. :)
Myspace still rocks. I prefer it over Facebook.

mnbird said...

Myspace is not cool anymore, yet I still check it. Was it ever really cool?

I think Enchanted looks cute.

I am not sure what your house smells like.

I don't think your dog is a baby anymore.

I am nervous that the writer's strike will last too long. What will this tv junkie do with all that time if it does? I guess read more.

2007 has gone by way way too fast.

Does it really matter how imporant of a blog it is, as long as you blog everyday this month?