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so aaron is a HUGE fan of macaroons. like, HUGE.

so today when i was at three dog bakery looking for the perfect treats for cosette's birthday party, it's no surprise that mutt aroons made the list. i mean, come ON. HOW DELICIOUS does that sound? i also bought large and small PUPCAKES. and a catnip toy, even though my dog is a dog, and not actually a cat.

but whatevs.

i'm sure there are 18 things about what i've written so far that would be considered legitimate grounds to HAVE ME COMMITTED, but hey, does it LOOK like i care?

anyway. what i love about my lovely friends is this: as soon as i busted out the muttaroons for my lovely little birthday girl to eat, my sister-in-law got inspired to MAKE macaroons that were fit for HUMAN consumption.

and also? they broke out delicious, high-priced wine. so this is how we celebrated: my dog, two other dogs, me, my husband and my brother & sister-in-law ALL drank wine and ate some version of chocolate macaroons.

f*ckin awesome, i say.

also? i say: time for more wines.

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