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back on the horse?

i admit it. i was a little hesitant/scared to run again. i had heard enough horror stories about people who finished marathons and then, like, literally hung up their running shoes. i didn't want to be one of those people because, hi, i love running. even if i hate it. i still love it. right?

so i got home from work today and of course, aaron the freak of nature was all, hey i ran today. and i was all oh, really. that's nice (!!!) so my immediate reaction was: I MUST RUN TONIGHT. so it was already almost 8p and i was starving, but whatever, it was running shoes on and i was out the door and then i was at the gym. standing on the treadmill.

in my mind i was having a conversation that was kind of like: ONLY ONE WAY TO CONQUER YOUR FEAR IS TO FACE IT. and by face it, i mean RUN. RUN LIKE THE WIND.

anyway, long story short, i was able to pump out 2 miles on the treadmill, 1 on the elliptical and 3 on the bicycle.

so, i guess? im making my way back into the game one step at a time.

i need a new hobby.

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Dag! You're crazy! I wish I had some of that commitment.