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god damn mexican foods.

as i sip on a glass of delicious rose, i ponder what, oh what, should i write about tonight? i only have one day left of the nablopomo *, so i figure i should try to go out with somewhat of a BANG.

but man alive! i'm just running on alcohol fumes here. i mean, regular fumes. i mean, um. um. um.

what? i'm not addicted to wine. WINE IS ADDICTED TO ME.


i spent a good couple of hours at pink taco tonight half-heartedly watching the "mutha effing cowboys" edge out the "god damn packers." i also watched a few co-workers get a little punch-drunk, so i took the high road and took it upon myself to order a Big F*cking Plate of nachos in addition to Some Delicious Sweet Corn Tamales to ensure that they had SOMETHING to absorb the, um, TEQUILA they were drinking.

maybe i have a career in "mommying" after all.

anyway, i arrived home with a fancy bottle of wine in hand to celebrate the fact THAT AARON WORKED WITH GARY SINISE earlier today. it's chilling in the fridge at the moment.

but god damn, what a day to remember.

ps. gary sinise is super nice, according to aaron.

in other news, i can barely string together a sentence, much less an entry. so you know, thanks for stopping by the trainwreck i call my "blargh."

*a.k.a blog a day for a month challenge


wearingthepants said...

He worked with Gary Sinise? So cool!!!

The Angry Georgian said...

I've always heard that about Gary.