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on survivor.

i know i haven't written much about my beloved survivor this season, and i promise it's not because i'm bitter that i didn't make the cut.

well, it's a little bit because i'm bitter.

but anyway. this week's "shocking" tribe mix-up never felt like a good idea, ESPECIALLY when it came to keeping some of my favorite players (james, aaron, etc.) alive. this was confirmed when dear, sweet Aaron "got Nick'd" this week.

and in case you didn't watch big brother 8 OR in case you did, but forgot, the getting rid of Nick move did not end well for anyone who thought it might.

i can only hope PG's tribal life is swiftly cut short the same way, say, Dustin's was, and i can only hope that she 100% DOES NOT SEE IT COMING. cocky b*tch.

*getting "nick'd" refers to the premature ousting of the cute, nice, overly competitive threat in the game WAY before said person deserves to go.

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