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yum, chitlins.

so i'm off to dallas in a few hours to hang out at SMU for a day and listen to presentations from college kids on a research topic that we actually commissioned and will use in our decision-making process for upcoming projects. it involves movies & advertising, so is a pretty fun topic, if i do say so myself.

i just got the email from the project director with the schedule of events, what to expect, etc. in the final paragraph of the note, she reveals:

"The students are both excited and a bit anxious about presenting to agency executives. For some of them, it's their first time to participate in such a presentation."

i remember when i was just a young college squirt getting ready to embark on my fancy shmancy advertising career, and we visited an agency in downtown Minneapolis. there was one hot, tall blond executive who talked to us about "how to get in to the business," and i remember thinking, WOW i wonder if I will ever be as awesome as her.

well, i'm still not hot, tall or blond, but damnit if i don't have a pretty kickass career in advertising doing what i LOVE.

and so it goes.

ps. i'm totally going to grill those little rapscallions tomorrow. they better bring their GAME.

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