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a whole new world.

so today was officially our first day in our new office space. according to our office, our office was closed. but according to our biggest client, it was business as usual. our client hates columbus, obviously.

i volunteered to work because, mostly, i'm a giant kiss-ass. additionally, it means that i get a free day off on the day of my choosing. i also got to get into the new digs early and stake my claim, so maybe there was a full-blown strategy behind what looked like me gettin browns on my nose from the outside.

does that even make any sense?

anyhoo, i aim to focus on the negatives because i'm a cynical curmudgeon who resists change. and so here they are:

  • my commute has increased by 400%. oh previous commute was only 5 minutes, but whatever. 20 minutes feels like a year in comparison.
  • my new ID badge has a picture of "me" on it, but for some reason "me" looks like a meth-addicted buttah face
  • additionally, the ID does not give me access to my floor. so therefore, not only is it scary, it's useless
  • the big drawer of my desk is locked and the keys have gone missing. they will never be found, this i know in the bottom of my soul.
  • my new office is approximately on the opposite end of the universe from my all favorite co-workers. i have yet to make sense of the politics behind this, but i'm suspicious that all the "fun" i was causing at the old place is to blame

ok, so that was the bad. in fact, i have saved the best for last. because, indeed, there are some goods.

  • there's a giant grassy quad that makes me feel like i'm in college again
  • except, with more money
  • and less house parties
  • in this quad, some of my favorite restaurants including one with a WINE BAR
  • hello? a wine bar on "campus." it doesn't much get better than that.
  • coffee bean in the quad, coffee bean across the street, starbucks on the level between parking and our office building
  • i will never, ever be deprived of a caffeine fix
  • ever
  • giant shopping center with one of the better movie theaters in town? two blocks away, b*tches.
  • shoe shine in the building
  • not that i um, ever shine my shoes. but it's good to know i COULD IF I WANTED TO
  • i have a lovely view of the hollywood sign. in case i ever forget where i am...

and i guess maybe that concludes the positives.

anyway, the best news of all is that we are in a temporary space until february. at that point, we will be moving AGAIN. into the building next door, and onto the 13th floor.

dont. be. jealous.


T said...

I miss hearing you laugh :( I think they separated us on purpose.


Clink said...

Despite you being on far away from your favorite co-workers and the increased commute, it sounds kind of awesome (mainly because I'm a caffeine addict and I have to walk four long avenue blocks to get to Starbucks. Also - WINE BAR!)

Pretty Lush said...

I've moved seven times at my company and none of the moves ever came with such good positives. You win.