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party on the QT.

tonight caps off a long string of birthday celebrations which have left me feeling both

1. like i'm 21 again
2. like i'm 55 suddenly

mostly, i rose to the ever-growing challenge of going out on multiple work nights combined with partying until the wee hours of the morning on weekend nights coupled with running more miles than i've ever run in my life. and! i've survived, mostly. so therefore, it brings me great pleasure that we end this birthday-induced string of parties with a nice, chill evening at big wangs to enjoy some MNF and feast on some BIG EFFING WANGS. also, there may be a shot or crazy cocktail to add to the mix, remains to be seen.

i have a few weeks of laying low until the marathon, and then! in november and december, the snow birds will infiltrate our home to escape the frigid nothern tundra. the current line-up of MN visitors includes:

  1. high school heather
  2. high school kelly
  3. my parents
  4. my in-laws

and, interestingly enough, all those people likes ta party. so we gonna have to brang it. ya hearrrrrd?


Pretty Lush said...

Big Wangs... isn't that where Big Black was in the wing eating contest? The famous MAN-PON episode? I hope you know what I'm talking about, or how weird do I sound?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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