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just not right.

it's october already? im so confused. what happened to the rest of 2007?

in other news, i broke my dog this weekend. we were playing a friendly game of "attack the bedsheets" while i made the bed saturday morning, and she did her usual snort-and-attack move on the sheets as i pulled them out from under her, but this time, she manuevered oddly and somehow pulled a muscle in her hind leg.

she's been limping around all sorts of pitiful all weekend, and, as a result, i've been babying her 153% more than usual. and i already spoil her like crazy.

so anyway, i'm horrible. i broke my dog.

4 comments: said...

Poor little girl.

I still want squeeze her face off 'cuz she's so cute.

Clink said...

That is one freaking adorable dog.

MD said...

You monster!

Nina said...

Oh ! That's too bad ! But it's not your fault Ruth, now, take a good care of Cosette
She's so cute and adorable