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well hello, dave.

because my NY counterpart loves me with the heat of 10,000 suns*, he has secured aaron & i tickets to see letterman the day after i finish the marathon. i just want to point out that he received the request at 9:26 AM EST today and had the tickets secured by 2:56 PM EST.

dear mike,



*or else maybe he just likes me like a regular co-worker. probably that.


Pretty Lush said...

Loooove Letterman.

anon_in_norcal said...

Do you know who the guests are?

Maddy said...

Neato. I work in the building next to the Late Show. The people lining up get in my way when I go to get late lunch. And don't get me started about the Color Purple matinee crowd on Wednesdays. The Jersey Boy crowd is old enough to knock over so I don't worry about them, but the Color Purple has a strong young sidewalk blocking crowd.

Ok enough complaining. Hopefully, I will be out on the course in Brooklyn (right where the starts merger) cheering you on that Sunday.