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tourist, much?

i always make fun of people when they come to LA and get all excited to go see a live taping of something like, the LENO show of all things. because
a) um, leno sucks
b) hello, rookie tourist much?

but since my rules of nerdism only apply to others, i shamelessly hit up one of my NY counterparts to score me some tickets to one (or all?) of the following:

  1. letterman
  2. daily show
  3. conan
  4. SNL

to summarize:

people who come to LA to see talk shows being taped = lame

me going to NY to see talk shows being taped = awesome town

remind me to tell the story of the time aaron and i scored tickets to SNL many years ago, and it just so happened to be the evening when ashlee simpson pulled her now infamous lip-synching "trick."

good effing times, ya'll.


Clink said...

I've been to both Daily Show and Conan tapings and seriously? Best evah.

(Leno SUX.)

(Letterman's studio is a few blocks down from my apartment building. Angelo's pizza is right next door and it is delicious, if slightly overpriced.)

Maddy said...

A friend of mine used to work at The Daily Show so I got VIP tickets. I'm cooler than yoooouuu.