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so jamie & johnnie got engaged yesterday. therefore, a bunch of us had an impromptu dinner & champagne celebration on the patio at dominick's for the purposes of CELEBRATING THEIR AWESOMENESS.

dudes, i love LOVE.

i made aaron try limoncello after dinner (this after wine, wine and champagne) and everyone was like RUBY YOU ARE SO HARDCORE. and i was like yeah, no.

but yeah. i am.

remind me why i think it's a good idea to drink when i have to get up at 6A to run in the morning:


anyway, it was worth it, of course. because jamie & johnnie are so much awesome. so much awesome it hurts.

2007 is a year of L-O-V-E.

and i loves it.


Pretty Lush said...

I love Limoncello!

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine just got engaged last week as well. I've known her since she was 13 and now she's getting married. Makes me feel all weird inside.