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on heroes.

you can definitely tell how passionate i am about a show by how long i will actually be able to stand going without seeing it.

there are hardly ANY shows i will actually stay home to watch at the actual scheduled time they are on, unless i have nothing better to do. on occassion, i will actually schedule my life around watching a show when the network gods actually intended me to watch it. but again, rare. hello, that's why they invented the damn DVR. shows in this category currently: pushing daisies, private practice, dirty sexy money.

however, there were times when i arrived home late on school nights that also happened to be big brother nights and i either a) stayed up super late to watch or b) woke up super early to watch. that show, i was obssssssesssssed with. other shows of this caliber might include survivor, and maybe that's it.

then there are shows like heroes. i might not particularly have anything going on, but i'm not in any particular hurry to watch it. i don't often let more than one night pass before watching these shows, but i can tell that my passion is waning when i can STAND to wait. last year it was a category 2. now, a category 3 or ?

so getting to my point. i think heroes is mired in the dreaded sophmore slump. i tuned in 24 hours late to get my 'roes fix, and i just kept kind of shaking my head and going "really?" i mean "REALLY?!"

the good news: i found the nissan rogue, it's in ireland. yeah, pretty much.
the bad news: heroes is phoning it in, like big time. i won't say jumping the shark, yet, but let's just say the skis are in the water and they are pointing in the right direction.


c-kat said...

Yup, heroes is definetly lacking this season. Dirty Sexy money is fast becoming a fav of mine though.

Clink said...

Omigod, TOTALLY phoning it in this season. I find myself totally bored when I watch it.

MD said...

Have they run out of lame superpowers to give people that they need to recycle the flying and amazing healing?

This show was made for DVD/DVR, so you can fast forward through all the garbage!

m.sizzle said...

the Rogue's actually somewhere in mexico with the black magic twins and the stoner american who was in jail with him...

ruby said...

if i would have been paying any sort of attention, i might have caught that, sizzle. thanks for clarifying.

hotpants said...

i like dirty sexy money, but i don't love it yet. i'm trying to give it a chance, but i'm finding myself bored.

i love bionic woman though. are you watching that?