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did you just call me fat?

so i read this blog post: did you just call me fat recently and thought it was hilarious. too good.

then, just now, i exited through the back hall entrance to take a little "bathroom break" and as i exited my secret back door, someone else exited another door at the same time. it was a pleasant and slim asian chap. being a gentlemen, he motioned for me to go on ahead of him. i then heard him say, "this hall just isn't big enough for the two of us." and then, immediately, he laughed nervously. i was caught off guard and my immediate reaction was to say, "DID YOU JUST CALL ME FAT?" but i didn't. instead, we both had a hearty laugh as we went our merry ways.

but, hey, do you think he just called me fat?

*upon re-reading this post, i realized that i am talking a lot about back doors and back entrances. and, as such, i feel the need to say: don't read anything into it you dirty whores.

2 comments: said...

No, he didn't call you fat, but your story is nonetheless funny.

MD said...

Is it wrong that the very SECOND I read backdoor, I giggled? You perv.