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defenses are down.

i guess it was bound to happen. you don't just get to (literally) run yourself ragged and couple that with some hearty partying and expect to stay 100% healthy.

so as of last night, aaron and i have the "sick." i woke up last night at 3am with the worst sore throat, i think, ever. additionally, a mosquito had sucked blood out of my wrist, and it was itching like mad. as if that wasn't enough, the sliver in my thumb that i had acquired from a party earlier in the evening that i thought i had surgically removed, turns out, was still somewhat intact and was, indeed, throbbing.

so then. throbbing, itching and hurting, i dragged myself into the kitchen and popped a few ibruprofens and slammed a few emergen-c packets. and then back to bed for some mostly restless sleep.

i feel much better after 75 minutes on the elliptical, 1 sugar-free red bull, 1 coffee, 23 hot & spicy bbq chicken wings, 8 squares of dark chocolate and 4 more packets of raspberry emergen-c.

i'm still a little stuffy, extremely f*cking tired, sneezy and generally slothy. however, i expect to be back to 100% tomorrow, because that's just how i do.

5 comments: said...

You're tough, girl. I'd be in bed havin' a winge and pissin' people off. That's how I am when I'm sick. said...

It's me again. I meant whinge. I can't spell today. :)

MD said...

a little hydrogen peroxide will help that itch!

wearingthepants said...

You must be a real trooper. I rarely get sick, but when I do, I hardly move let alone work out!!

Clink said...

75 minutes? On the elliptical? WHEN YOU'RE SICK?

I'm impressed.