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i'm not sure what i was thinking when i agreed to partake in back-to-back nights of debauch this week.

first there was the now infamous "prom" party [wherein i wore a chocolate brown dress with chocolate brown pumps with pink polka dots and an allegedly awesome pink wrap with golden accents (i don't know, everyone kinda kept commenting on it and touching it)]. and it was just three vodka sodas on a relatively satiated tummy, so no big whoop, right. but i DID get home kind of late and i HAD woken up that morning at 5 effing 30 AM to run 10 miles, but anyway.

then last night, becase my co-worker was in the mood to happy hour wednesday and i had to decline, i promised him a happy hour THURSDAY, AS PER USUAL even though i felt like warmed-over ass all day from wednesday's actions. it was just two glasses of wine at XBAR once again, plus the best HOT & SPICY CHICKEN MORSELS i have ever tasted. and then maybe another half glass of wine when i got home and then maybe it was me falling asleep halfway through a DVR'd episode of the office. and then maybe i was up at the ass crack of dawn again runnning around in circles, literally, at the park down the way.

[sidebar - is it just me, or are these hour-long episodes of the office really really weirding you out? curious.]

but you know, i'm not looking for sympathy here.

really, i just wanted to document that i am on a 5-week streak of thursday evening happy hours, which just so happens to coincide with a 5-week streak of running some of my longest runs ever (14, 16, 18 & 20 - milers) and i think to myself, hey, that's interesting.

i hope you do too.

tomorrow's just a 10-miler, btw. unless we feel frisky enough to do a half marathon, you know, for kicks.

and on that note. is it 5pm yet?