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witching hour.

last year, aaron and i dressed as fidel castro & kim jong il. we threw some red & yellow mardi gras beads around our necks and called ourselves "the communist party." (aaron's the clever one, i am just along for the ride)

see it here

and here

it was a big "hit."

i'm not normally the hottest girl in the room, but i'm not usually THE UGLIEST. and last year for halloween, i was BY FAR the most unattractive thing at the party. not to mention that the party was thrown by actors and attended by, mostly actors. but whatever. as much as it was "fun, " i vowed to NEVER EVER again go as a scary korean dictator. or anything ugly or scary. ever again.

so that leads us to now.

what should i be?

i will beat you swiftly about the head and neck meat if you say any of the following:
  • "sexy" pirate (done it, 1,000,000x)
  • "sexy" hippie (my college go-to costume, 4x)
  • "sexy" satan (2x)
  • "sexy" avril lavigne (don't ask)
  • anyone with a penis
  • for that matter, hairy balls

so there you go. suggest away!

more ideas here


pleasant and slim asain chap said...

ruby said...

thanks asian.

anon_in_norcal said...

Oh snap! LOL @ pleasant and slim asain (asian?)chap!

I'll comeback later and maybe suggest a costume idea for you, Ms. Rubiquity.

Clink said...

Omigod, I laughed out loud at your photos. LOVE IT.

I'm not big on Halloween so unfortunately I don't have any suggestions.

Milwaukee Girl said...

Umm, there's always the "Cop" outfit which is good for other activities as well ...

c-kat said...

You could always go as a marathon winner. No assembly required...just wear one of your training outfits. It would give you a chance to show of your bod without having to wear one of those nurse or bunny costumes. :)

Jim said...

A ninja pirate!
Or a pirate ninja!
Either way, it'll piss off both sides!

Anonymous said...

You should go as Adrian Peterson and Brad Childress or Smurfette and handy Smurf.

You don't make a good Asian so I'd stay away from that theme.