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restless brains syndrome.

i guess this is one of the first fridays in a really long time where i've actually been OK to stay up late, seeing as my scheduled training run tomorrow is only 3 miles.

i'm a little bit freaking out, i have to say. all the articles i've read so far are like, DONT FREAK OUT. YOU NEED TO CONSERVE ENERGY. EAT MORE. RUN LESS. but it feels, like, really weird. i feel like i need to run at least 10 miles tomorrow.

but no.

so yesterday, i was scheduled for a 3 mile run, but instead, i ran 4, you know. and also?? i increased my pace. just to satisfy my crazy brains. i had visions of myself running around the SMU campus, but i didn't want to get lost and totally miss my appointed meetings, so i treadmilled it up and ended up racing myself, per usual.

so i think tomorrow will be a leisurely run. all the articles, books and etc. i've read SAID THAT IS SHOULD BE SO.

we'll see. my running leggs are itching to go.

here's my whole running log. yeah, i did that.

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Pretty Lush said...

for christ's sake woman, do as the book says, and REST! You're wearing me out.