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i take a lot of things for granted. the fact that i live in los angeles where it rains 2.5 times per year. the fact that i can party on work nights and still roll in bright-eyed the next morning. the fact that i can ride both the big kid rides and the little kid rides at an amusement park, etc.

what i didn't realize was that i am also lucky in the cereal department. i've never had an issue with soggy cereal, but apparently it is an afflication that affects some people SO MUCH that a company had to go and invent a bowl to alleviate this devastating phenomenon. my old-fashioned solution has been to just, i don't know, not pour a gallon of milk into the bowl. but hey, that's just me. some people, allegedly, need this highly technical bowl to help them keep their cereal safe:

um. really? i mean REALLY??

my favorite testimonial goes like this: "I received my bowl yesterday - it's a great invention. Eating cereal is no longer a race against time." Miss K - Essex.

A RACE AGAINST TIME. it almost sounds like soggy cereal is worse than, like, global warming. And hey, maybe it is.

*Upon further investigation, it appears this is a company based in England. Those crazy brits.

Click here if you want to end your soggy cereal woes for good.

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Clink said...

Is it weird that I kind of like soggy cereal?