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rubiquity holmes.

so if you saw the first episode of heroes, you may recall being beat over the head with the excessive productive placement & sponsorship of the nissan rogue. i have to imagine this little "partnership" cost nissan trillions of dollars. or so.

a wise investment? probably. effective? well i'm talking about it, so it must have been.

(i mean, i'm not going to go buy one or anything, but i'm BLARGHING about it, so there's that.)

anyway, if you saw the second episode, you noticed that suddenly the ROGUE HAS GONE MISSING.

so i guess my question is this: did nissan only front enough cash flow to sponsor the one episode, forcing the producers to pull a disappearing act on the rogue, or is this part of a bigger, multi-episode character arch for the rogue? and if so, where oh where has my little rogue gone?

stay tuned.



Clink said...

I was wondering the same thing, re: oh, their deal with Nissan must be over.

Let me know what clues you find, Holmes.

MD said...

Personally, their partnership didn't work on me. I got so sick of the nissan commercials in the premier that I now throw up in my mouth when I seen them on the roads.