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i guess it serves me right. last night i didn't plan to do happy hour, but then there i was, magically at the happy hour spot having another lemon drop martini. and then, tonight, i am supposed to go to a birthday party (ANOTHER ONE?) and i'm just sitting here on the couch in my yoga booty ballet outfit (much different than my running outfits, natch) contemplating how bad of a person i am if i opt out of celebrating tonight.

because, the thing is, i have to be up at 5a to run 18 miles tomorrow. so that puts a little damper on getting excited to go out TONIGHT.

i have a sneaky feeling that if i would have stayed in last night, tonight would be a little different.


*update: so i did end up going out. and celebrating. and of all the places in LA, the birthday girl chose one where you can technically smoke inside. so now i smell like a f*cking chimney. and so it goes.

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