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happy 2008!

i hope everyone rang in the new year in whichever way you wanted to...


no, but really.

i guess i have a few resoultions to actually put into writing, although they aren't so much resolutions are they are "things to do." if i don't do them? oh well! moving on.

1. start & finish "the artist's way," which was give to me for my birthday nearly 9 months ago
2. jump out of a god damn plane, already
3. get more massages, facials, acupuncture & pedicures
4. see more movies (next up: "no country for old men")
5. read more books (next up: "the inner game of tennis")
6. become more GREEN
7. kick more ass
8. drink more water
9. eat more vitamins
10. make you laugh

'sall i gots for now. happy & healthy '08 ya'll.


Clink said...

So, making us laugh shouldn't be a problem - best of luck with the rest of the resolutions (No Country = wonderful).

c-kat said...

the artist's way is well worth it. Good luck with all your resolutions!

The Angry Georgian said...

I think you've got #7 in the bag. said...

Happy & healthy '08 to you, too.

#10 is a done deal. You need to come up with a different #10.